Sales Panel

This is a CRM system specially developed for water delivery business.

Here an operator can:
  • Change orders' delivery times
  • Create routing sheets and appoint a driver
  • Transfer an order to a courier's app
  • Look through any order's timeline
  • Edit and complete orders, including cashback transfers
  • Browse daily reports
  • Create and send invoices to businesses
  • Create sales invoices
  • Receive notifications when online payments are made

See Sales Panel in action

Increase your sales

Thanks to automatization in ordering, operators have extra time to call existing customers and perform cold calling to attract new clients.

If a customer doesn’t place any orders throughout a specific timeframe, then an operator can:

  • Send a push-notification, SMS or e-mail or talk to a customer in person via the phone.
  • Every customer's profile displays order history, total amount and frequency of orders, total sales amount, cashback points.
  • In general, most customers appreciate personal approach and keep using services provided by such companies.

Decrease processing times

A operator doesn’t need to spend time to place an order. All orders are placed automatically through Sales Panel

How it works:

  • A customer downloads the app, adds desired products to basket, fiils out billing and shipping information and places an order.
  • Orders transfer to Sales Panel where a operator needs to double check inquiries and create a routing sheet for a driver.
  • If a customer wants to place an order on the phone or via website, then an operator can manually create an inquiry.

Как происходит процесс заказа:

  • Клиент скачивает мобильное приложение
  • Добавляет необходимые товары в корзину
  • Оставляет контакты и комментарий
  • Выбирает удобное время и место доставки
  • Далее нажимает кнопку “оформить заказ”

Receive feedback from your customers

The app has feedback chat, where a customer can ask a question or report a problem. An operator can respond right away without a need to switch to messengers or email.

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Can I do the same?

Integrate with your accounting system

Integration with the app will be easy if you already operate an accounting system. After merging, all orders placed through the app and the website will automatically go to your CRM as well.

Decrease overdue orders

Order’s status is displayed on the dashboard: time the order was placed and current status of the order. All inquiries are transfered to the archive after being completed. An operator can easily retrieve information and resolve a problem if needed.

Decrease human factor

Customers can be in love with your products, but due to human interactions they might switch to your competitors. Reasons to swith can be: an operator was rude; an operator placed an order using wrong information; your phone line was always busy. Try to minimize human factor and automate working processes in your business. This will increase your customers’ loyalty and your profits.

Get rid of unnecessary paperwork

It is quite cumbersome to keep track of your business on paper. Needed documents can be lost and destroyed. CRM system is a safe way to keep your files electronically and allows to remind operators about current tasks in a flash!

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