New R&D projects

We want our partners to have a thriving and growing business. That's why we keep developing new products to increase business potential and elivate water delivery to a new level.

Sensor for smart water coolers
  • Constantly monitors water levels
  • Sends push-notifications to customers
  • Sends an inquiry to a dispatcher
  • Allows to quickly place an order for more water

Add new technologies for your business

Smart sensor for water cooler dispensers

Smart sensor is an authentic device developed by Aqua Delivery

Anyone can easily install it within minutes:

  • Remove cooler's back panel
  • Connect power
  • Install smart sensor
  • Set a certain water level

Smart sensor is set to a certain level to be able to send notifications to a client to let a client know when a cooler is out of water or when water level reached a certain point.

Get a new level of automation for your business

By integrating our smart sensor you will: save time; reduce dispatchers’ workload; exclude human factor to control water levels; get a convenient and modern service.

How it works:

  • Connect to WI-FI. You can install a GPS-module with sim-card if there is no WI-FI access
  • Sensor transmits information to our server
  • Our server processes information and sends a push-notofication to a customer if thereis no water left in a water dispenser cooler
  • Simultaneously our server sends a notification to an operator who can place an order or contact with a customer
  • A sample of push-notification: "You are about to run out of water. Would you like to order more?" A client clicks on the message link and gets transferred to order page

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