Courier's App

Courier's app is an additional service for your business to be more convenient and efficient.

Available functions:
  • Electronic routing sheets
  • Shift report
  • Up-to-date information about new/cancelled orders
  • Bottles and money calculator
  • Couriers' review
How it works:
  • A driver receives orders via the app
  • Sets orders' priority
  • Completes or cancels orders and comments on orders
  • Can scroll through orders' archive
Coming soon:
  • Smart route planning
  • Three way communication customer-dispatcher-courier
  • Push-notifications about orders' status
  • Tracking couriers
  • List of products needed on the route

Download the Courier’s App and check how it works

Receive information about orders in a timely matter

The app simplifies a communication between drivers and operators: current information about new or canceled orders refreshes automatically and is displayed on drivers’ smartphones.

Create shift reports

A driver can create a report at the end of the shift

Inside the report:
  • Delivered and canceled orders total
  • Types of payments information

Control your drivers work

You will be able to follow the whole working process of your drivers

The app will display:

  • Checks and documents received by a driver
  • Track of cash and cashless operations

A driver will be able to mark deposit bottles and payment received, leave comments and confirm status after completing orders.

Increase your customers' trust

Customers will appreciate transparency and safety of your services. The app provides driver’s info: name, type of vehicle and it’s carrying capacity.

Decrease probability of mistakes

Before leaving for deliveries, a driver will be able to see a full list of products to be delivered and additional equipment needed.

Spread the workload in a smart way

During peak hours, a operator can appoint orders to drivers according to the quantity of additional products and delivery areas.

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Get feedback from your customers

A customers will receive notifications to rate their experience after deliverys a complete. That way you will be able to track each drivers effectiveness, rating and reviews.

Our app has unique functions:

  • All inquiries are seen on the map
  • A client can be informed about delivery status via push-notifications
  • Three way communication driver-customer-operator
  • Smart route builder or virtual logistics is an AL able to independantly create routes to minimize expenses and to increase drivers' effectiveness

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