Personal app for your company

We create an individual mobile app fully adapted for your company. In fact, this app is a personal online store with an ability to display a detailed inventory of your products and services.

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Inside the app you can:
  • Choose delivery's date and time
  • Calculate empty water bottles deposit
  • Choose addresses for water deliveries
  • Set price range for your products according to location and customers
  • Set various time windows for different areas of delivery
  • Set individual cashback percentage for each product
  • Change product's price according to quantity
  • See your clients' profiles and order history
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Download the app and check it out

Increase your sales total

Unlike placing orders on the phone, clients can see full assortment of products sold by your company using your personalized app. Revolving banners show all available products switching between different categories. That way chances are clients will see and buy additional products and services besides water.

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Motivate your customers for repeat-delivery option

Your customers will be able to see all your promotions and discounts, which will be shown as colorful, informative interchangeable banners in the app. You can choose what should be display. Clients can add promotinal products to an order by clicking on banners.

Besides banners, promotional products and services are shown on the bottom center menu options. If there are new promotions available, a highlited number will appear. Newsletters with push-notifications can be sent to increase attention span.

There is a fast check out option in the app: after placing an order for the first time, information is saved in your clients’ personal account and this will allow your clients to re-order products in 1 click.

Decrease your operators' workload and wait time

Orders from the app and the website will be automatically sent to Sales Panel. An operator simply needs to confirm orders’ status and pass them on to a courier.

It helps to free up more time for operators and lets operators to use their time for more important tasks.

Increase your customers' loyalty

  • Cashback. A user receives points while making purchases through the app. According to the settings options you choose, a user can use cashback points partially or in full.
  • Feedback chat. Clients can directly communicate with an operator via ia app chat and get answers in a timely manner. They don't need to call any phone numbers and wait for an operator to answer.
  • 2 types of promo codes: mass promo codes and individual promo codes. They help to introduce new clients to the app and encourage existing clients to invite their friends and acquaintances.
  • Push-notifications. Let users see information needed for your company. For example, a reminder to place an order or to inform users about discounts and promotional events.
  • Promotional invites – where both users receive cashback bonuses after making a purchase.
  • Choosing a payment option. Clients have an ability to choose a payment option suitable for them: online payments through the app for personal use, using invoicing and NET payments for companies, pay with cash or credit card upon receiving a delivery.

Be different from your competitors

A customer sees only your company’s content such as list of products, prices and promotions.

Nowadays, mobile apps have strong competitive advantages, which will become everyday’s necessity in the future. Having your personal mobile app will increase your reach to your clients and create easier ways to take care of your customers.

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