Our goal is to create modern technologies for water delivery companies and help your business to save time and money, while expanding water services for everyone interested.

New potential for water delivery market

Aqua Delivery was founded in 2018 by a dedicated group of professionals in R&D, automation and marketing.

We plan to create a quality automated service which is going to be able to connect our partners around the globe.

Powerful team

Our story began 2 years ago with only 4 people in the team and a big dream.
Today Aqua Delivery is a big united team of like-minded individuals with innovative ideas to improve water delivery business.

  • Developers
  • Designers
  • Support
  • Marketing department
  • Customer support department
  • Sales department
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The idea to create a convenient way to order and deliver water was born. We began a global water delivery business research


We've started developing Aqua Delivery system

August 17th

Creation of the core of the system is complete

September 24th

Fullfilled the first order through mobile app finishing full cycle in the app

December 15th

Signed a contract with our first client "Artesian Spring" in Russia


Released mobile app for Android and IOS


Connected our first client to sales department


Released marketing department, integrated with "1C"


Integrated with "Vodovoz" company


Released a new Push-notifications tool


Expanding to neighboring countries of Ukraine and Moldova, total of 26 partners


Released following loyalty system parts: cashback, invite a friend, promo-codes


Started our own tracking system to keep track of online ads effectiveness. A partner from Kyrgyzstan has joined expanding our services to 4 countries.


Smart sensor for water delivery and voice recognition for Yandex.Alisa were tested


Courier's app in a bunch of cities was released. Aqua Delivery community got expanded to 4 countries, counting 52 partners.

Why do you need a mobile app?

When we leave our homes, we can forget anything but our smartphones.

Our mobile app allows your business to be in every smartphone of existing and potential customers all the time. There is no other form of advertising to provide such a possibility.

Detailed understanding of all processes

Aqua Delivery system was created based on existing processes of a water delivery company. We’ve spent hours researching dispatching process, couriers steps, management activity to fully understand the whole cycle of water delivery business from placing orders to customer support.

Our system is truly specialized.

Automatization and digitization

The main goal of digitization is to create a quality customer based way of business. Nowadays, people don’t want to spend their time on repetitive, routine processes.

Today, bare minimum for any business is to have a website and access to social networks. We’ve decided to move beyond that minimum and created the whole ecosystem for companies whose goal is to have happier and more loyal customers and minimize “manual labor”.

Emphasis on marketing

A regional company with quality products and strong marketing solutions can become a serious competitor for the whole market.

We pay huge attention to marketing: mobile app with loyalty system, specialized ads, tracker to follow effectiveness of commercial ads and other components help to create a competitive and customer oriented business model.

Water delivery business community

Aqua Delivery isn’t just a computer program. First of all, this is a community of like minded people in several countries around the world, who share our principles and values.

Become a part of Aqua delivery’s community and help creating new trends with us!